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iXsystems End of Life Products

Please contact us to further assist with replacement parts for products and services.

Description SKU Replacement SKU Description Replacement SKU
iXsystems TrueNAS Z20 Z20 iXsystems TrueNAS-X20 X20
iXsystems TrueNAS Z20-HA Z20-HA iXsystems TrueNAS-X20-HA X20-HA
iXsystems TrueNAS Z30 Z30 iXsystems TrueNAS-M40 M40
iXsystems TrueNAS Z30-HA Z30-HA iXsystems TrueNAS-M40-HA M40-HA
iXsystems TrueNAS Z35 Z35 iXsystems TrueNAS-M50 M50
iXsystems TrueNAS Z35-HA Z35-HA iXsystems TrueNAS-M50-HA M50-HA