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iXsystems TrueCommand
Simplified TrueNas Operations


Take Command of Your NAS Fleet

More than one million FreeNAS and TrueNAS systems are deployed around the world, with many companies having hundreds of systems. TrueCommand is a “single pane of glass” application to simplify the scaling of data, drive management, and administration of all TrueNAS platforms.


TrueCommand expands on the ease of use and power of TrueNAS systems with multi-system management via a Single Pane of Glass.

  • NAS Fleet Dashboard
  • Single Sign-on to all NAS Units
  • Customized Alerts and Reports
  • Rapid Fault Management and Diagnosis
  • Real-Time Data Collection and Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics to Maximize Uptime
  • Team-Based 24×7 Operations
  • Enterprise Security with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Audit
  • Manage Systems Locally or from the Cloud

Simplified Operations


TrueCommand is a ZFS-aware solution allowing you to set custom alerts on statistics like ARC usage or pool capacity and ensuring storage uptime and future planning. TrueCommand also identifies and pinpoints errors on drives or vdevs (RAID groups), saving you valuable time when resolving issues.

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